Sandra Domina

Sandra DominaBorn in Brazil, Sandra was fortunate to be surrounded by the arts in her youth. Sandra’s ancestry dates back to her grandfather’s silk screening mill in Como, Italy. As a young child

Sandra fondly recalls admiring the rich beautiful fabrics being created.  Her great uncle was a prominent artist in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Sandra’s exposure to the arts at an early age contributed to her passion for design. “My aesthetic is European…. it’s a mix of organic and sophisticated  materials that translate into a timeless style.”

Sandra studied at Parson’s School of Design and also enjoyed a tenure at the prestigious House of Chanel. Sandra has built a successful following because of her commitment to understanding her client’s needs and guiding them through the creative process.

Sandra’s meticulous attention to detail brings warmth, beauty, and artistic inspiration into every home. Domina  and her team offer each client personal attention throughout the entire process. This seamless approach is achieve through a collaboration between the homeowner, architect and contractor.