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Best Interior Designer Roslyn

There is an unmistakable connection between the place you call home and your well being.

The objects surrounding you and the atmosphere they create should inspire the mind and spirit while soothing the body and soul.

When building a space that fosters happiness and relaxation, no choice is insignificant.

Best Interior Designer Roslyn

Domina works with you to think ‘outside the box’ resolving design challenges in elegant ways.

Working as a team in this way gives rise to intense, synergistic creativity.

Personality and preferences are always our top priority resulting in a finished product that uniquely expresses who you are.

There is absolutely nothing cookie cutter about our process.

Best Interior Designer Roslyn

Combining rich imagery and fine craftsmanship, we inspire our clients with what is possible and available by keeping up with the finest sources for furnishings, fabrics, lighting and other design elements that the New York area has to offer.

Our dedication to ongoing communication and top quality customer service allows the design process to unfold fluidly, so you can relax and enjoy the process of bringing your dream to life.

Sit back, take in the beauty. We’ll take care of all the details.