Kitchen Renovation 101

kitchen renovation

Looking to embark on a Kitchen Renovation? A kitchen renovation should reflect your style, your ideas and your investment objectives. 

A kitchen renovation regardless of the Size or Budget needs careful planning. It requires thoughtful consideration of the goals you are looking to achieve.

 What style cabinetry are you attracted to? What is the natural light conditions in the space? The overhead lighting plan? Designing an island to suit the family’s needs. In today’s world there are a multitude of choices on design, materials and finishes. 

Do you love to cook? There are so many choices and sizes on appliances. Which appliances suit your lifestyle?

We always suggest to start by looking at completed designs  either on-line or in magazines to get a sense of the “look” that appeals to them. Put these ideas aside. Next, it is critical to determine a budget. Having a budget for the project is essential in the decision making process.  As you embark on this journey you will see that certain design ideas will pop out as must haves.

Every Kitchen renovation requires a thoughtful plan and execution. “Keep in mind the Kitchen is the Heart of the home.” 

A professional designer offers an added value of comprehensive knowledge in space planning with the latest design trends, finishes and innovative products and solutions.

Whether it is an elaborate renovation or more budget friendly design Domina Interiors can navigate the process.  The end result will be a dream kitchen that will stand  the test of time. Sandra and her team can assist in streamlining this exciting journey. Call for a  free 20 minute phone consultation today.